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 The services provided by Skyline can be uniquely tailored to fit our clients. Our standard management and financial services are outlined below. 

Management Services At A Glance

Property Inspections                   

Compliance Enforcement          

Meeting Minutes                          

Annual Meeting Mailings            


Construction Management       

Attorney Liaison                           

24/7 Emergency Telephone      

Insurance Review                         

Covenant Control

Budget Preparation

Meeting Agendas


Vendor Contracts

Project Management

Telephone Support

Manage Onsite Employees

FHA Certification



Meetings are where the business of the association is transacted. We prepare and distribute board packets, attend the board meetings and assist with running both board and annual meetings - including producing agendas, proxies, ballots and notices to assure compliance with the governing docs.


Finding good vendors is integral to the success of any HOA. Skyline assists the Board in determining scope, specifications and obtaining proposals for projects. We work with the Board through the many steps leading up to awarding a contract, and onward through completion of the project. We ensure that vendors are qualified and insured. Over the years we have worked with many vendors and will be glad to recommend those we have found to be the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We are also happy to work with your established, qualified vendors.

Facility Management

Every community has unique maintenance needs. It takes years in the field to develop the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively maintain, preserve and protect a community and its facilities. Our managers are experienced professionals who will do more than just secure and review bids for service. They can develop and review preventative maintenance programs or investigate and troubleshoot the varied maintenance issues that can arise such as mechanical systems breakdowns, water issues or landscaping problems.


Preparation of the annual budget is a big project for community associations. From preparing a first budget draft through adoption of the final product, our managers are here to assist the board. We have extensive experience in preparing budgets. We know the questions to ask and can point out any problem areas. Our experience makes a difference!

Questions (and Answers)

Owners have questions, sometimes many questions. Skyline is the first point of contact for homeowners. From maintenance requests to accounting questions, to compliance complaints and beyond, our staff can handle it.

General Administrative Services

There is an enormous and varied amount of general administrative duties related to running an association. Acting as the HOA’s registered agent, Skyline ensures compliance with the various State and local agencies’ requirements. We handle the paperwork related to unit sales including mortgage lender questionnaires and title company status letters. We keep track of insurance certificates and W-9s for the vendors. Mailings to the membership, contact information updates for the homeowners, work order requests, clubhouse reservations - the list goes on and on - we have it covered.

24/7 Emergency Service

Regardless of how well prepared a community may be, emergencies can and do occur. Skyline has telephone coverage 24/7 in case of property-threatening emergencies.


When an association has onsite employees, specialized knowledge in several areas is required. Skyline will hire, train, supervise and discharge employees on behalf of the association. We provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance and payroll service as expenses reimbursable by the association, ensure that all related payroll taxes are collected and paid and that all required reporting is done in accordance with Federal and State requirements.